Saturday, July 11, 2015

Charing Cross Bridge - Derain

We just learned about the famous work of art Landscape in Graubünden with Sun Rays by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Another famous work of art is the painting Charing Cross Bridge by French artist André Derain in 1906.

Derain was part of a group of artists painting in a style called Fauvism which came from the French words les Fauves, meaning the wild beasts.
This kind of art used lots of strong colors and wild shapes.

Derain's painting is of the Charing Cross Bridge in London, which goes over the River Thames and is in front of the Palace of Westminster which is the castle where the royal family and leaders of England are.

All of the colors are very bright, and the shapes are thick.
The sky is pink which was a color used a lot in Fauvism paintings for the brightly colored sky during a sunset.
The castle is green, and the hills are blue.
The businesses on the left are all different colors, and the river is reflecting the buildings, bridge and sky in bright colors.

The colors and shapes are wild and different, and that is to try and show the beauty of a painting that might look boring if it was just painted to look exactly like the real world.

(from: wikipedia - andré derain)

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