Wednesday, July 22, 2015

German Shepherd

We just learned about the type of dog the Bulldog.

Another type of dog is a German Shepherd.

This type of dog is used a lot as a working dog, because it is very smart, very hard working, and really wants to have a job so that it feels like it is doing something good.

German Shepherds have been used by the police to fight criminals, to use their sense of smell to find things that people are trying to hide, and even to sniff out hidden bombs.
They work for the military to deliver messages, to be a guard dog, to scout for danger and even jump from parachutes.
They work to rescue people in trouble, and they are also sometimes leader dogs for blind people.

(from: wikipedia - german shepherd)

A dog that is working as a police officer is called a K-9 unit, because the word canine means dog.

(from: wikipedia - police dog)

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