Sunday, July 5, 2015

Peter and John put in Jail

After Peter had healed a man, he and the apostle John were both put in jail.
They were arrested by some of the leaders who did not believe Jesus was the messiah.

They brought them in front of a bunch of powerful rulers and asked them how they healed the man.
Peter said that he was healed by the power of Jesus who was crucified.

They still did not believe Peter, but they were afraid of what would happen if they kept them in jail or tried to hurt them.
Many people had seen Peter heal the man, and they knew that if they did something to Peter it would look very bad.
So they yelled at Peter and told him not to talk about Jesus anymore.

Peter said he was not going to listen to them and would still teach people about Jesus.
They let Peter and John go, and they went on teaching people about Jesus.

(from: wikipedia - saint peter)

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