Monday, July 27, 2015


We just learned about the US state of South Dakota.

Tennessee is a state in the southeastern part of the US.
It's nickname is The Volunteer State because in the War of 1812 they sent so many volunteers to fight for the US.
It's state motto is Agriculture and Commerce for the farming and businesses of the state.

(from: wikipedia - tennessee)

The flag of Tennessee has three stars on it, for the West, Middle and East part of Tennessee which are all very different from each other.
The west side has lots of low flat land and is very wet and can grow lots of cotton.
The middle has rolling hills and has the state's capitol.
The east is mostly mountains and has the Appalachian mountain range going through it.

(from: wikipedia - flag of tennessee)

The seal of Tennessee has a plow, wheat, cotton and the word Agriculture on top, and a boat with the word Commerce on the bottom to show the importance of farming and river business in the state.

(from: wikipedia - seal of tennessee)

The Appalachian mountain range goes through Tennessee.
One of the mountain ranges there is called the Smoky Mountains.
They got the name Smoky because of the fog that is around the mountains looking like smoke.
The park there has the most black bears of any place in the US.

(from: wikipedia - great smoky mountains)

Nashville, Tennessee is known as the home of country music, and had a big country music show called the Grand Ole Opry for a long time where famous country music singers would come and perform.

(from: wikipedia - grand ole opry)

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