Monday, July 20, 2015

South Dakota

We just learned about the state of South Carolina

Another US state is South Dakota

South Dakota is a state in the midwest part of the US, just south of North Dakota.
It's nickname is The Mount Rushmore State, and it's motto is Under God the people rule.

(from: wikipedia - south dakota)

The flag of South Dakota is blue with yellow letters, and has a picture of the state seal in the middle surrounded by yellow triangles that look like the sun's rays.
The state seal shows hills, a river with a boat, a farmer, a mine, and cattle for all the farming and nature in the state.

(from: wikipedia - flag of south dakota)

Mount Rushmore is a large sculpture of the faces of four presidents, carved into the side of a mountain.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

(from: wikipedia - mount rushmore)

The badlands is a park in South Dakota that has many wonderful things to see in nature

(from: wikipedia - badlands national park)

Just like Mt. Rushmore, there are people trying to make a carving in a mountain of the famous Native American warrior named Crazy Horse.
It is still being worked on, and the people making it started over 50 years ago.

(from: wikipedia - crazy horse memorial)

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