Monday, July 13, 2015

South Carolina

We just learned about the US state of Rhode Island.

South Carolina is a state in the southeast part of the US, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

It's nickname is The Palmetto State, and it's mottos are Dum spiro spero which means While I Breathe I Hope, and Animis opibusque parati which means Prepared in Mind and Resources.

(from: wikipedia - south carolina)

The flag of south carolina is blue with a white palmetto tree and a white crescent.
The crescent is for soldiers that fought in the revolutionary war that used that crescent on their uniforms.
The palmetto tree was very strong and when it was stacked on sand it could block canon balls that were fired, so it was an important part of the war.

(from: wikipedia - south carolina)

The first battle of the civil war was in South Carolina, at a place called Fort Sumter.

(from: wikipedia - fort sumter)

One of the oldest buildings in South Carolina, built in the 1700s is called the Pink House, as it was built using Pink Bermuda Stone.

(from: wikipedia - pink house (charleston, south carolina))

The Citadel is one of the largest military colleges in the US.

(from: wikipedia - the citadel, the military college of south carolina)

The 7th President of the US Andrew Jackson was born in South Carolina.
He was president from 1829 to 1837.

(from: wikipedia - andrew jackson)

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