Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We just learned about the type of dog the golden retriever.

Another type of dog is the poodle.

There are three sizes of poodles, the standard, miniature and toy.
The standard large poodles were first used as hunting dogs for birds, and are very smart.
The smaller miniature and toy poodles were used to hunt truffles which are a type of mushroom.

Later on the smaller poodles were owned by rich people and royalty, and because they wanted them to look fancy they gave them different types of haircuts to show them off.

Their long curly hair can be twisted into braids like hair in dreadlocks, this is called a corded coat.
There are many types of other haircuts where the face, belly legs or tail are clipped to look fancy.

(from: wikipedia - poodle)

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