Sunday, March 14, 2021


We just learned about the Salem Witch Trials.

Another part of early Christianity is the Amish.

In the late 1600s in Switzerland, a man named Jakob Amman thought that people were not living the right way to do what God wanted.

He felt that people were doing bad things, and thought people should live simpler lives where they did not get drunk, lie or cheat.

Amman also thought that if someone was a good hearted person it did not mean that they would go to heaven.
They would have to be re-baptized and accept Jesus or they would not be saved.

When he died, there were other people that wanted to follow the way he lived, and so the other churches called them "Amish" meaning they were living like Jakob Amman.

Later on some of the Amish people moved to the America and lived in small towns where they would just be simple farmers and not want to have a lot of money or anything exciting.

(from: wikipedia - amish)

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