Saturday, March 13, 2021

Street Crossing - George Segal

We just learned about the sculpture of Contour by Richard Serra.

Another famous American sculpture is the Street Crossing by George Segal, made in 1992 in New Jersey.

Segal was born in New York in 1924, and went to college to be a teacher.

He was most famous for making life sized sculptures of people that were made out of plaster bandages.
These were like white cloth that was dipped in glue, then stuck to a person who was standing or sitting however Segal wanted them to.

After the glue dried it was hardened and the person could move away and there would be a hollow mold of them.

He made lots of these types of sculptures, and they looked like people made of white cloth standing around.
His sculpture called Street Crossing was of a bunch of people standing around like they were getting ready to cross the street.

(from: wikipedia - george segal (artist))

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