Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Green Monkey

We just learned about the Patas Monkey.

Another type of Old World Monkey is a Green Monkey.

The Green Monkey is part of a group of monkeys called the "Chlorocebus" which comes from the words "chloro" meaning green, and "cebus" meaning long tailed monkey.

There are 6 kinds of cholorocebus monkeys: Green Monkey, Grivet, Bale Mountains Vervet, Tantalus Monkey, Vervet Monkey, and Malbrouck.

These Green Monkeys aren't green, they just have some yellow fur on them, and they can grow to be about 17 pounds and 2 feet long.
They live together with groups of up to 80 monkeys like one big family.

When there is danger nearby these monkeys will yell to warn their family, and sometimes they use a specific yell for one kind of animal they are scared of, almost like they have a word for that animal.

(from: wikipedia - green monkey)

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