Wednesday, March 31, 2021

De Brazza's Monkey

We just learned about the Green Monkey.

Another type of Old World Monkey is the De Brazza's Monkey also called the cercopithecus neglectus.

These are a type of monkey in a group called "geunon" monkeys, with has over 20 different types of monkeys.
The De Brazza's monkey is the biggest of all of the type of guenon monkeys, and it was named after the scientist who discovered it, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza.

This kind of monkey is very shy and hides from humans most of the time, which is why its scientific name is "cercopithecus neglectus" meaning it neglects or ignores people most of the time.

They are pretty easy to spot in the wild, because they have an orange crescent shaped mark of fur on their forehead, a white beard, which doesn't match the rest of their grey body.

(from: wikipedia - de brazza's monkey)

Baby De Brazza's Monkey - Oregon Zoo

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