Monday, March 8, 2021


We just learned about the country of North Macedonia

Let's learn a little about the country of Malta!

Malta is a small country made up of a group of islands, which is called an archipelago.
There are three main islands that people live on, Malta, Gozo and Comino.

There are about 500,000 people living in Malta, and the land area is about 122 square miles.
People in Malta speak either Maltese, Italian, English or Sicilian.

(from: wikipedia - malta)

The flag in Malta is red and white, with a cross on the white part known as the George Cross, from King George IV.

(from: wikipedia - flag of malta)

To eat in Malta you might have kwareżimal, which is a type of baked treat made with flour, sugar, orange rinds and almonds.
This was a type of bread made during Lent because it did not need any eggs or milk.

(from: wikipedia - kwareżimal)

Visiting Malta, you might go see Ġgantija, which is an ancient temple made of stone that was built over 5,500 years ago.
It is called a megalithic temple, which means it uses giant rocks.
This was before the wheel was even made in this area, so when they moved these giant rocks they put small round stones on the ground and rolled the stones over them to get them together.

(from: wikipedia - ggantija)

In the town of Comino, there is a bay with white sand and deep blue waters, called the Blue Lagoon.
There are a lot of ocean fish living there, so a lot of divers and swimmers go to visit and see the Lagoon and the nature living there.

(from: wikipedia - comino)

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