Saturday, March 20, 2021

Stegosaurus - Jim Gary

We just learned about the sculpture Street Crossing by George Segal.

Another famous American sculpture is Stegosaurus - Jim Gary.

Jim Gary was born in Florida but moved to New Jersey when he was very little.
When he was growing up at age 11 he moved out of his parents home, and started making money doing jobs and selling decorations he made himself.

In high school he learned how to be a sculptor, and when he was in the Navy he learned welding.
He used his sculpting and welding to make a lot of works of art, and later decided to make a bunch of dinosaur sculptures out of junk metal and old car parts.

Some of his sculptures were over 60 feet long and 20 feet high.
He painted them in bright colors so that they would look fun, and he was very famous in the art community and with kids who loved to see his bright colored metal dinosaurs.

(from: wikipedia - jim gary)

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