Sunday, March 7, 2021

Salem Witch Trials

We just learned about the Pilgrims.

Another part of early Christianity is the Salem Witch Trials.

During the years before 1700, people all over the world became very afraid of witchcraft.
They believed that there were women who were working with the devil and doing evil things.

Because people were so afraid, they would say that innocent people were witches, and they would have a witch trial.
The witch trials were very unfair, people would lie about what happened, and the innocent person would be called a witch and killed.

One of the most famous places for witch trials was in Salem Massachusetts where there were some girls who pretended that they were being attacked by another woman who used witchcraft.

The people believed the girls, and they killed many innocent people who were not witches.

At the time people thought they were being good Christians and fighting against the devil, but later on people realised that people were lying and that innocent people were being killed in the name of God.

(from: wikipedia - salem witch trials)

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