Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Common Marmoset

We just learned about the Proboscis Monkey.

We've learned about 19 of the 138 types of Old World Monkeys.
Let's learn about some of the 154 types of New World Monkeys!

One type of New World Monkey is the Common Marmoset also called callithrix jacchus.

These monkeys are very small, only about 7 inches tall and weighing less than 1 pound.
Their fur can be lots of different colors, like brown, grey or yellow.
On their heads they have white ear tufts that stick out making them look like they have big white poofy ears.

Marmosets live in South America, and eat mostly just insects and the gooey things inside of trees like sap.
They have tiny claws and teeth, so they will dig on a tree to get the sap and then eat it up.

There are lots of different faces these monkeys make to talk to each other, like holding their mouth open, frowning, staring or flattening their ear tufts.
They make high or low chirping or whistle sounds to send different messages.

(from: wikipedia - common marmoset)

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