Sunday, July 11, 2021

Jesus Paid it All

We just learned about the When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

Another famous hymn is Jesus Paid it All written by Elvina Hall and John Grape .

This hymn is about Jesus paying the price so all the bad things people do are forgiven by Jesus if they believe in him.

It was written in 1865 by Elvina Hall, and the music was made by John Grape.
Elvina was sitting in church one day and while she was listening to the sermon she wrote the words on the back of a hymnal. After church she gave the lyrics to her pastor.
That same week the organist John Grape wrote some new music for another song and shared it with the pastor.
The pastor liked the lyrics from Elvina and the music from Grape, so he put them together for the hymn.

(from: wikipedia - jesus paid it all)

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