Monday, July 5, 2021


We just learned about the country of Kuwait

Let's learn a little about the country of Kyrgyzstan!

Kyrgyzstan, is a small country in Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China.
About 6.5 million people live there, and it is about 77,000 square miles.
People in this country speak either Kyrgyz or Russian.

(from: wikipedia - kyrgyzstan)

The flag of Kyrgyzstan is red with a yellow sun in the middle.
The red is for bravery and valor, and for the story of a famous hero named Manas.
The picture in the middle is the shape you would see if you were inside a tent called a yurt and looked up at the sun.

(from: wikipedia - flag of kyrgyzstan)

To eat in Kyrgyzstan, you might have qazı, which is a sausage usually made of horse meat.

(from: wikipedia - qazı)

Visiting Kyrgyzstan you might go to Issyk Kul Lake, which is the 10th largest lake in the world.
It is a salt water lake, and it never freezes even though it is right by snowy mountains.
The name Issyk Kul means Warm Lake.

(from: wikipedia - issyk kul lake)

In Kyrgyzstan they have a famous story written in the 1700s called the Epic of Manas.
It is an old story that tells about the hero Manas and his forty clans win battles against all of their enemies.
The story is so famous that people think the name of Kyrgyzstan comes from the word for his forty clans, and many things in the country are named after Manas.

(from: wikipedia - epic of manas)

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